Welcome to the 2018 New Man Health Summit "Empowering Men to Thrive!"

What does it take for a man to thrive today? In what areas are men struggling with the most?  Each man must decide his own path, but one thing is certain, men are suffering. The lack of awareness, weak men's health education, and unhealthy personal lifestyles have caused men to steadily suffer from unnecessary chronic diseases as they age.

It's time to cover important topics men are dealing with today that impact their health, wealth, relationships, and personal fulfillment. It's time for men to get real health education and the support to live a healthy, fulfilling, and thriving life.

Join us free online "LIVE" each day as men's health and lifestyle experts reveal how men are taking back control of their life and thriving in today's world!

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Our Speakers

Keith Selin is co-founder at Men Only Weight Loss™. From “Hollywood to Health”. With a career in the film industry of over 20 years in both international film distribution and production, Keith left Los Angeles at age 43 to pursue a new path in life and a goal to get healthy before it was too late. 10 years later, 50 pounds lighter, and in the best shape of his life, Keith is a testament to the sustainability and profound life changes that keep on evolving throughout the program.

Keith Selin

Weight Management

Dennis Procopio is the owner of Man-UP! Life Coaching in San Diego, CA. A fellow trauma survivor, Dennis coaches men who struggle with achieving personal success. In this interview, we will look at some of the reasons men are choosing coach-mentorship over traditional counseling. We will focus on WHO the men are that might benefit from this type of service; WHY they might want to try this; and discuss HOW it has proven effective for men.

Dennis Procopio

Men's Health

The creator of the Remarkable Man Project, Dwayne's mission is to guide men who are feeling frustrated, off-course and challenged as to how they are showing up as a man in their life. Men that want to re-ignite their true authentic masculine power and get on a clear path to creating greater success with women and relationships. Men that want to create unstoppable confidence in his career or business, and living the kick-ass life of the Remarkable Man he knows is within.

Dwayne Klassen - "The Coach for Men"

Men's Empowerment

Self-Leadership Coaching opens the door for “self-seekers and owners” to essentially become their own Man. It is the doorway into personal ownership and a fully expressed life based upon your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Self leaders merge freedom and responsibility into a driving advantage. This brand of Coaching helps men claim their own style for accomplishments and deserved success.

Paul Bob Velick

Self-Leadership Coach

Kirk Akahoshi is a licensed psychotherapist and executive and life coach. He was ranked one of the best coaches in San Francisco by Expert.com and also voted "Best of Yelp". He leads a monthly Men's Sacred Circle and works with men to help them feel more empowered and fulfilled in their lives. Kirk uses a multi-disciplinary approach with his clients and uses his extensive training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hakomi, Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy, and Psychosynthesis.

Kirk Akahoshi

Life Coaching

A former executive, Jeff is now a leading online health & fitness coach to top leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world. If you have no time to exercise, hate the gym or travel extensively he can make you a leaner and stronger leader.

Jeff Popoff

Executive Health and Fitness

Wayne Levine is the director of BetterMen Coaching and has been mentoring men for over 25 years. He is currently traveling the world as he coaches men individually and in groups, via Skype, to be the best men, fathers, husbands and leaders they can be. Wayne is also the author of the best-selling “Hold On to Your N.U.T.s - The Relationship Manual for Men". From navigating divorce to finding your authentic spiritual path, Wayne’s personal experiences and breakthroughs guide him intuitively to help you find your truth as you journey through life, career, relationships, and your own transformation.

Wayne M. Levine

Men's Life Coach

Because we live in a distracting culture of painful polarization and separation that challenges our ability to connect in meaningful ways, there has perhaps never been a more confusing time to be a man. Outdated stereotypes are proving hollow, exhausting, damaging - and far from fulfilling. In the face of our current crisis, Ken Mossman encourages his clients to step into a state of Integrated Adulthood in which they discover and reclaim forgotten and/or marginalized facets of themselves so they can consciously create their own definitions and expressions of manhood.

Ken Mossman

Men's Empowerment

The creator of the Fit Father Project, designed specifically for fathers' over 40. A unique system to eliminate body fat, develop lead body mass, and create a healthy second half of life. Dr. Balduzzi's project has helped 10,000 father's lose 75,000 lbs. 

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Physical Health

Your Host

Anthony Treas, an Iraq War veteran, is on a mission to radically change men’s health. His mission in Iraq was to provide personal security for U.S. generals and government officials, now his mission is to help men reclaim their health and life purpose. Upon his return home, Anthony struggled with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Desperately wanting to improve his condition, Anthony set out to rebuild his health and mental well-being. With 7 years of experience, research, study, and education, he developed the S.T.R.O.N.G. Method which is founded on the principles of building a healthy brain, the most effective way he found to rebuild his health and life.

Anthony Treas, MPH

Brain Health

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